Innovative materials that hit current design trends!

Innovative materials that hit current design trends!

In a society consumed with being “high-tech”, fast paced, ever evolving and forward moving there is an alternate movement in home design trends that is contrary to societal directives – innovative and functional building materials that are simplistic, familiar and enduring. The market has been flooded by suppliers promoting materials trying to achieve this brief – without success. However, we have listed below some materials for internal and external use that have delivered outstanding results.
One internal wall solution that is easy to install and durable is Laminex’ clip wall product – a MDF panelling that clips together to create a seamless finish. The clip wall eliminates the need to paint as required with plasterboard (but can be painted if desired) and can be purchased in various colours. For the home that wants something a little different, the wall can be custom designed to incorporate a favourite piece of art or pattern to the owners liking.

Another material that over reaches todays’ design requirements is engineered stone. It addresses the simple look however removes the porous and sometimes expensive elements of real stone with the additional advantage of withstanding wear over decades of use. Style choices are endless and range from glass speckled to concrete polished finishes. Its application has been focused primarily as a kitchen bench top material but is versatile to be incorporated into internal custom cabinetry to external entertainment areas.

Following this internal to external versatility trend is the decorative screen. These offer dual functionality by creating simple, elegant feature designs that not only provide privacy, but also capture the eye to become engaging topics of conversation. The screen can be made from various materials but are primarily seen as press rolled steel, timber and now in laminate. The most long wearing and versatile is the press rolled steel however the laminate option offers internal and external functionality at an affordable price. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance is minimal, the choice in colours is varied and can be fire resistant which makes it outstanding as a BBQ screening option.

To see more innovative, functional, durable and simplistic materials and their various applications check out Laminex’ inspiration gallery at

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