Custom built homes with custom made materials!

Custom built homes with custom made materials!

For the past 50 years composite building materials have been available on the market however only in recent years, have gained recognition as a quality, durable and cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional weatherboard and brick home.

Composites are a man-made finished product utilising two or more materials with significant differences when in their natural state. For instance, veneer is a composition of thin sheets of sliced or peeled timber panels, applied to another material using an adhesive agent. There are various techniques and materials employed to create specific grain patterns but nonetheless requires two differing raw materials to produce the end product resulting in a composite end product.

Given that composites are pre-finished, extra care is required during transportation to site and installation however the price-tag associated with labour and time in assembling raw materials into a finished product balances out the efforts taken to ensure a composite is not damaged prior to installation. This is not to say that composite materials are delicate, on the contrary they are remarkably dense and able to take high load bearing weights but also pliable enough to create curved surfaces – furthering its versatility and capabilities.

There are countless designs with many applications where composite materials can be used; like external cladding systems, internal cabinetry and even the humble back deck or pool deck. No matter what form a composite product takes, the benefits are expansive. Below is a sample of some of these benefits:

• from low maintenance
• long life span
• waste reducing as estimating quantities are more precise
• highly recyclable
• high fire thermal resistance
• easy installation
• not affected by termite
• does not rot or swell
• acid and salts resistant
• highly durable in extreme weather.

As mentioned, there are a range of composite materials that are produced and available, however choosing the right supplier that offers a high quality composite can be a minefield. Because of the swift rise and attention composites have attracted in the market, they have also attracted the attention of producers wanting to get a quick buck; resulting in hastily manufactured products of lower quality. Some suppliers that have been astute in entering the market by researching manufacturers that have thoroughly developed quality products are listed:

Roofing systems made by Euroclad –
“Wood” decking made by Modwood –
Cladding and panelling made by Alucobond –
One stop shop for all types of composite materials – ranging from decking, panelling, screening and cladding systems –
Aluminium external cladding made by Shadlowline –

Achieving the designer custom built look with composite materials is rapidly becoming a highly preferred option in building a stand out home – with the additional benefits of longevity, durability and minimal maintenance.

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